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Your energy bills make a difference

  • Eco power for the home, your business or on the road.

  • Great customer service: ecotricity topped the 2014 Which? Customer Satisfaction survey.

  • Simple tariff - one for electricity and one for gas and one price for all customers – no matter when they joined and regardless of how they pay (including customers on pre-payment meters)

  • A donation of £40 made to charity when you switch.

About ecotricity

Ecotricity are a unique energy company. Utilising the money from customers electric and gas bills to fund the development of new sources of renewable energy. Ecotricity use electricity and gas made from renewable sources – electricity is made from the elements, the Wind, the Sun and the Sea – and all the green gas we supply comes with a shale Frack Free Promise. By joining ecotricity more green energy sources can be built.

Three BIG reasons to join us...

1. Simple tariffs

The energy we supply is the greenest in the industry**.. We have just one 100% Green Electricity tariff and one Green Gas tariff..

2.  The best customer service

  No automated call waiting, just friendly people who pick up the phone and treat you like a real person – that’s why we have the lowest number of complaints in the industry and top the latest Which? energy company customer satisfaction survey.

3.  Ethical Pricing

All of our customers are always on our latest best price, no matter when they joined us and regardless of how they pay. And there are no exit fees or penalties either. One for all and all for one.

Switch to Ecotricity and we’ll donate up to £40 to 
Care and Repair Cymru.

Join us - it couldn’t be easier and takes less than five minutes. Call us on 08000 302 302 or



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