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Personal Alarms

Expert advice and support to help free you from life’s unnecessary hurdles;

enabling you to live healthier, happier and safer every day and everywhere.

  • Assistance at the press of a button

  • Reassurance to live independently

  • 10% Discount for all advant~age customers

Personal Emergency Alarms

As you get older you may decide that you want the extra reassurance of a personal emergency alarm to allow you to continue to lead an independent life.
advant~age has partnered with Appello, a leading provider of monitoring services, to provide a personal alarm service which supports you in your daily living.
Their monitoring services have kept people safe and reassured their families for more than 25 years. Over 200,000 people in the UK are now leading happier and safer lives well into later life, thanks to a little behind the scenes help.

The benefits of a Personal Emergency Alarm

A personal alarm gives you push button access to the experienced Appello team and all the resources you need to get help.
You wear the alarm pendant around your neck, on your wrist or clipped to a belt. It’s wirelessly connected to a base unit that works with your phone line. If you need help, just press the button and a caring operator will speak to you via the base unit.

How much does a Personal Emergency Alarm cost

Personal Emergency Alarm

The standard alarm provides push button access to the Appello team and all the resources you need to get help in an emergency.

10% Discount

advant~age customers receive a 10% discount off all monthly monitoring fees; quote Advant-age-15 to receive your discount.

How to buy

To find out more about all Appello Personal Emergency Alarm packages and prices please either call 0333 321 6470 ( option 1 option 1) or



More information

To find out how the Personal Emergency Alarm monitoring service works please


Other services


A safe and secure way to manage your house keys.
A police approved keysafe is an extremely safe and secure method of storing your keys and gives the emergency services easy access to your home in an emergency. A Keysafe keeps your house keys in a locked box fitted to an outside wall. This enables your regular visitors to access your property without the need for a spare set to be left under the mat or for each of your regular visitors or carers to be given their own set.
The Keysafe works hand in hand with a personal emergency alarm service. In an emergency, if you are unable to answer the door, Appello can give the Keysafe combination to authorised callers and the emergency services.


An added boost to you purchase

Buying a personal alarm can give you your independence, and can be a real life line when needed. When buying through advant~age you can provide a donation to charities at no extra cost to you.  This donation can be used to support ongoing activities that provide a lifeline in communities.


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