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Living Aids

A great range of living aids to help make life easier

We have a wide range available to help you or your loved ones live more independently:

  • Mobility products and equipment to help make everyday life easier

  • Products to help everyone stay fit and healthy and look after their own wellbeing

  • Aids to assist with bathing and personal hygiene

  • Useful products to help with everyday household chores

  • Plus many more ...

Our online shop contains over 2,500 independent living aids, including dementia, incontinence, care and medical products.

All products have been sourced from reputable manufacturers and all are fully guaranteed.

Helping you and helping others

Our charity receives a donation for every product purchased, so by supporting the shop you’ll be supporting the work we do in our community.

More about our range:

Aids for daily living

We all want to remain independent and stay active for as long as possible, however as we get older or experience health concerns some tasks can prove difficult. Fortunately there are many useful products that can help with this, for example a Kettle Tipper can mean that a loved one can continue to make themselves a cup of tea despite suffering from a condition such as arthritis. Being able to do simple things that we take for granted makes a huge difference to confidence and independence.
It's not just household tasks that we can help with, we also offer a range of products to help with hobbies and activities, for example our Needle Threading Helpers mean that poorer eyesight need not stop you from doing something you enjoy.

Around the home

With the right equipment many of the everyday actions that most of us take for granted can be made easier; for example, standing up or getting out of bed, eating, drinking or dressing. Small activities such as pulling on tights can suddenly become more difficult and can cause worry about future independence however simple products such as the Tights Aid can solve these challenges and make a huge difference.

Health and Wellbeing

Physical activity and exercise can help everyone to stay fit and healthy, so we have products ideal for use around the home, in the office or wherever there’s room to set them up. For those who wish to monitor their health more closely, we can also supply products which let them check their own body composition, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. For aches, pains and sprains, there are body supports, dressings and bandages and pain relieving TENS machines.

Living with Dementia

Our wide range of purpose designed products can improve the quality of life and prolong independence for people with dementia, whether in residential care, a nursing home, hospital or their own homes. Becoming forgetful can be a normal part of the ageing process but memory loss is also a symptom of dementia. However, products are available to help overcome the problems that forgetfulness can cause, such as failing to take medication or missing out on medication. We also offer activities, games and memory cards to stimulate the brain and help people to reconnect with their past.


We offer a wide range of stylish yet practical aids to help you or your loved ones stay active and independent. Products range from lightweight adjustable walking sticks all the way through to self propelled wheelchairs; all focusing on comfort, style and quality.


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