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Stronger Together - partnerships with advant~age

A new and effective charity fundraising model 

Your charity can benefit from our established social enterprise model and raise additional funds with minimum hassle and expense.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is an organisation that sells goods and services like any other business but with the end goal of tackling social problems, improving people's lives and enhancing communities and the environment. Profits (or 'surpluses') are reinvested back into the business or the community it serves. 

advant~age customers have the added satisfaction of donating to charity every time they purchase from us, at no extra cost to themselves, as well as receiving great value for money and customer service.

And the really good news is that we’ve already done the ground work so that you can start using our online platform with minimum cost and time investment.

How does it work?
advant~age provide you with a personalised link to our website so that you can offer products and services  to your target audience. We track all the sales that originate from your website and pay you a commission at the end of each month – simple!

We provide all the support you’ll need
We’ll provide all the support and advice you’ll need to get your social enterprise set up and running smoothly.

Our support services include:

• Website
• Regulatory support
• Product sourcing and development
• Marketing support
• Financial

For social enterprise news and insights please visit our blog.

Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact:

Dil Daly
Chair of advant~age



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