There has never been a more pressing need for charities and social enterprises to raise unrestricted income

Faced with austerity measures, falling donations and increasing demand charities are caught at the centre of a perfect storm.

We know from our experience that what a charity wants and needs is a safe way of increasing income without any upfront investment or reputational risk.

Our purpose is to help charities survive and thrive in difficult times through sustainable trading without risk. That is why three charities set up advant~age seven years ago. Trading with advant~age is completely free – you do not pay anything for our services, instead the business partners fund us from their earnings.

Over the past 7 years, our charity partners have earned £333,405 in unrestricted income on total sales of over £3,971,000.

What we provide

We will provide all the support and advice you will need to get your trading activity up and running smoothly including:

  • Advice on how to trade and how to maximise income
  • Product sourcing and development
  • Marketing support including point of sale material
  • Website links to facilitate online sales
  • Regulatory support (if you introduce regulated products and services)

When you trade through advant~age your charity has:

  • Peace of mind that the products and services have been through a thorough due diligence process and a safe and high quality
  • No pressure to sell any particular product line, the choice of whether to sell a product or service is yours alone
  • No sales targets, though obviously the more you sell, the more you earn
  • Marketing support through provision of leaflets, point of sale material and pre-written articles to use in local newspapers
  • A clear and transparent payment structure that shows you exactly what you have sold and what you have earned
  • Regular newsletters and an optional annual away day where you can meet other charities and social enterprises and the product and service providers with whom we work

advant~age has trading partner charities and social enterprises right across England and Wales ranging from small, local charities to national, high street brand names. The only thing they have in common is a commitment to making life better and a need for money to help support their cause

We currently provide the following range of products and services:

Legal services – working with a firm of solicitors established in 1853, we offer FREE wills and will reviews ( a donation to the charity is suggested to the client), half-price Power of Attorney, Family Protection Trusts etc.

Equity Release – one of the fastest growing financial services in the UK. We help people to release some of the money tied up in their property. Our clients use the cash released for all sorts of things; home repairs, supporting the grandchildren through college, buying a new car, care costs or just as extra income to make life more comfortable. We work with an Equity Release Council approved provider so nobody who comes through advant~age can ever end up in a negative equity situation and we guarantee that clients can continue to live in their home for life.

Funeral Plans – A range of high quality, pre-paid funeral plans that ensure that the final arrangements are in accordance with the client’s wishes and that the family are not left with a substantial bill. All funeral payments are kept in a separate trust so that there is absolutely no risk of the monies being unavailable when required.

Daily Living, Mobility Disability and Dementia Support aids and equipment – thousands of useful products can be bought online from a dedicated advant~age internet shop or a smaller selection is showcased in a brochure.

Travel Insurance – Comprehensive insurance for trips of all kinds ranging from a beach holiday to extreme sport including alligator wrestling (seriously, we cover this activity!)

Stair lifts – For people who find getting up or down stairs difficult a stair lift can restore their ability to use all of their home. We work with a British company providing the best quality stair lifts on the market for safety and peace of mind.

Financial Advice – working in conjunction with highly qualified advisors, who work in a co-operative structure, we offer financial planning advice to all age groups. The future doesn’t take care of itself without a little help.

Personal alarms – the ability to summon help just when it’s needed can be the difference between life and death. We offer push button pendant alarms, alarms in a watch, fall sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and other sensors to ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals.

Key safes – we only offer key safes which are approved by the Police and which are therefore able to be covered by a typical home insurance. A key safe means those people given the access code (eg. carers, family and friends) can gain entry but everyone else is kept out.

Contact us

If you would like more information about how you can start trading quickly and easily via advant~age then contact our Chairman, Dil Daly: Phone: 0151 256 2566

There has never been a more pressing need for charities and social enterprises to raise unrestricted income